By car

The journey by car to this resort is very pleasant and not difficult, because immediately after leaving the Czech Republic, you will take the highway, from which you will exit almost on the spot. The estimated price based on average consumption (including tolls and other fees) is around CZK 2,500 per trip (calculated from Prague / Brno). From Prague, we recommend a trip through České Budějovice and the former border crossing Dolní Dvořiště, where it is necessary to refuel, because petrol is significantly more expensive for the rest of the trip.

You can also directly buy an Austrian motorway stamp, which, on the other hand, pays off abroad (for example, it costs us a ten-day CZK 290, at Austrian petrol stations EUR 8.50 – the difference is not large, but not negligible). For enthusiastic travelers who go on holiday or work abroad more often, it is worth considering whether a two-month stamp is worth EUR 25.70 or even an annual one for EUR 85.70. We strongly recommend that you buy the stamp, as their use in Austria is very often checked, as well as, for example, the presence of reflective vests in the car and similar details that drivers sometimes tend to neglect.

After leaving the Czech Republic, the road continues along the E55 in the direction of Linz to the A7 motorway, where you take the A1 in the direction of Salzburg / Graz / Passau, and before Salzburg join the A10 in the direction of Italien / Slowenien / Graz / Villach, which will take you through the Tauern tunnels, which drivers feared many years ago due to frequent traffic jams. This is no longer so critical, because thanks to the newly added tube, two lanes run in each direction in the tunnel. You will pay EUR 11 one way to go through the tunnels, but there is also a year-round option, a card for EUR 103. Tunnels, on the other hand, can be avoided if you don’t like paying the fee. On the A10 motorway, just turn onto the Rennweg / Katschberg. In both variants you will reach Villach, where after driving on the A2 motorway you will reach the border with Italy after 30 km.

In Italy, the individual motorway sections are paid for separately, thanks to the ticket system – when entering the motorway, you have a ticket printed out in a vending machine, which you then hand in at the exit (we are reminding that it is not good to lose it) and pay for the kilometers you highway drove off. Tolls can be paid in cash or by card, usually by collectors, in some places even in vending machines. Avoid terminals with a Telepass sign above them when exiting the motorway. These terminals do not work on the basis of a ticket system, but the automatic deduction of money from the terminal located in the car. The fastest way is to pass the terminals marked with the Carte sign, where there is a vending machine in which you only insert a ticket from the motorway entrance and then just a payment card (no need to enter a pin or anything else, you will continue in a moment). An interesting article about transport to Italy and in Italy can be found at

After arriving in Italy, take the A23 motorway in the direction of Udine and then the A4 in the direction of Venice (Venezia) and take the Santo Stino di Livenza / Caorle exit. The fee for this route should be approximately 12 EUR. Before the town of Caorle, turn left and head towards P. S. Margherita and after seven kilometers turn onto Lido Altanea Ovest.

  By train

By train you can get from Prague by a regular direct connection Prague, the main railway station – Venice, but it is necessary to get off in the city of Portogruaro, from which you can then take a bus to Caorle. You can find out the details about the price at the Czech Railways box office (

  By air

A direct flight from Prague is possible to Venice or Treviso, from which you can take a regular bus to Caorle. The average price of a one-way ticket for this route is CZK 1,811, depending of course on the date and carrier.

  By bus

Buses run from Prague to Caorle every day, a two-way ticket can be purchased from CZK 2,090. In addition, buses do not only depart from Prague, some carriers also offer the option of choosing their own boarding point for a small surcharge. Bus departures from the Czech Republic are always on Friday evenings (Prague 19:00, Brno 22:00) and on Saturday morning you are there. Return departures from Caorle Altanea take place on Saturday evenings (according to the current traffic situation around 8 pm) and on Sunday morning you are back in the Czech Republic. For more information and transport orders, you can use the Italieonline travel agency.

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