Sports activities

In this area, there are many opportunities to enjoy sports with the assistance of professional coaches or alone. Lessons in individual sports, such as pilates, aerobics, zumba, yoga etc., are available. From collective sports we provide, for example, beach volleyball, classic and beach football, beach tennis and more. You will have the best access to all sports if you buy a so-called “sporting card”, which costs EUR 15 for the whole family and makes almost all sports available to you. In addition, this card covers coaching assistance if you wish so. The list of things included in the card includes, for example: tennis course, football for children aged 5-12, afternoon football tournaments for children over 13, discount on private tennis lessons, access to courts, volleyball courts, football fields, ping pong tables etc. If you want to find out about sports services or book a court or playground, call +39 348 5723145.

There is a network of cycle paths around the complex, which can be used not only for cycling, but also for jogging, inline skating or hiking. If you would like to bike around the area, bike rental and bicycle equipment are available.

Another way to spend an active holiday is to visit the local 18-hole golf course, located a short distance from the hotels. The Praçelle Torri

In addition to these regular events, we also recommend some sports events in the area, especially races and sports tournaments:

Beach volleyball tournament

For volleyball enthusiasts, a beach volleyball tournament is being held on the beach in Bibione, which will take place twice in 2021, on 13-15 May and 16-18 September. Tens of thousands of players and spectators come to the tournament marathon every year. If you are interested in participating, you must register in advance. Categories are played as follows: 2 × 2 men’s teams; 2 × 2 women’s teams; 3 × 3 male; 3 × 3 women’s and 4 × 4 mixed teams. If you participate in the tournament, you will pay a buy-in of EUR 33 for each day of play.

Volleyball tournament for juniors

Young athletes from 6 to 18 years of age can play in Bibione at the tournament, which will take place in 2021 on April 24 and 25. The fee for participation and accommodation is 36 EUR for two-day play and assistance of coaches. This tournament also requires prior registration.

Soccer tournament

The summer football tournament takes place in Bibione on June 11. The competition consists of teams of 5 × 5 – men and 5 × 5 – women, again you need to register in advance.

Beach Rugby Festival

The Beach Rugby Festival is a tournament that also takes place in Bibione on June 11th. You can at least come and see a sport that is not very well known to us, if you are a player, you can also enter the competition.

Half marathon

Lido di Jesolo holds a half marathon every year, which will run this summer on May 28 at 8:00 p.m. In addition to the traditional 21-kilometer-long variant, the simpler 10-kilometer version also runs. The route leads along the road and a large part of it is on the coast, which lovers of nice views while jogging will certainly appreciate.

Altanea running race

A traditional running race is taking place directly in Lido Altanea this summer as well. It starts on June 18 at 20:00 at the La Quercia passage and offers two routes: 6 kilometers and 12 kilometers long. Both routes start at the same time.

Athletics Championship

Lido di Jesolo hosts the Italian Athletics Championships this summer, which athletics enthusiasts can visit on May 17th. Every year, the most promising young Italian athletes present themselves at the championship, who like to be encouraged by their families and the general public.

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